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owner by Me
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my true felling

                       korng phm tk mksd pic ni ape ???
bg pnjlsn skit npe lea jd cnni ............ i hope dis situation nver reflect to me .. oh G0D !!!
 B0y !! plss d0nt easy fall in love with me .. i d0nt want 2 be  like dis . i CAN easy hide my bad bad bad attitude :.hypocrite.:
yeah all of u think dat i'm a go0d girl .. l0ok at ma heart deep2 deeply ... don't judge me into ma cover ... i know dat i'm not beautiful like other girl .. i admit dat .. but why do0n't u guys go find other girls ... better than ma,cutter than me , not hypo like me ...
boys u know 1 thing ... i can be a girl same like in da pic on above .. sorry 4: i can't be on wat u thinking of me . whats dat ? "gud girl" rite ?aaargh .. dats funny man.. i'm not easly fall in love ... but u can be ma friend .. best friend ~ ^_^ yeah .. i love who be my best friend ...
I cannt easly fall in love because I can not be faithful in love .. dis my best word t0 u guys ...
ma life become more happier if i don't have a boyfrind . i can't hurt u boy .. i'm happy to live with ma friends n my famly .. dats enough to me ..
  first i wanna do is .. chase my dream !
i'm 18 girl .. dis was t0o younger 4 me to have a boyfriends ..if u don't makes me to hurt u pls understand me ...