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owner by Me
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WHY I MUST feeL suCh dIS thing ... huhu

             :. cnne nk stat cite rindu aq tat dy ea ?? huhu.:
                     riNdu tK teKAte .. hehe misH u bABe ..

last jmpe ari kamis 16.5 tat mydin .. hehe ..HApyy sngt2 .. thnx to NUR AMALINA coz tmn i pg jmpe dy . ye la kan coz he must go to plkn n i must continue ma stdy ... tk sempat nk jmpe dh pas ni .. huhuhu T_T dy balik 30julai n i go on 3rd julai ... waaaa mmg tk smpt dh babe .. tkpela kan as long as we love each other .. hehe (yelk je ayat ni ) ..
hahha aq suke ayt dy ni WAIt fOr me bby ~ insyAllah blh je tnggu .. hehe
last call time dy nk naik bas on da way to trnganu .. time tu ngh tdo, dy cll n said dat dy dh nk brngkt dh .huhu tetibe je air mate ni jatuh .. ahhaa lucu la kan .. 
pape pon love u LIKe a Crzy ~
u have get me feeling crzy